[NTG-context] Am not getting Roman numeral page numbers in MKIV

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Fri Mar 11 19:04:41 CET 2011

I used to think I was of average intelligence but I can't figure out to do
the most basic thing in ConTeXt. My current problems with this simple code

1. Front matter page numbers are not lower-case Roman numerals although they
are listed as such in the TOC.
2. The Introduction is not listed in the TOC.
3. Page numbering isn't reset to 1 in the bodymatter section.

Obviously, I'm not reading the correct documentation or am too stupid to
understand what I am reading.

\definehead [intro][chapter]
\setuphead  [intro][incrementnumber=no]

%pagenumbers in TOC not converted if frontmatter

\definestructureconversionset[bodymatter:pagenumber] [][numbers]

%whether frontpart or frontmatter seems to make no difference



\definecombinedlist [content][intro,chapter,section]









\startfrontmatter % errors on startfrontpart

%sample front matter
\input knuth      %page numbers not being converted to Roman numerals


\input knuth



\intro{Introduction}  %is not appearing in TOC
\input knuth          %page number not being set to 1

\chapter{I Was Born}
\input knuth

\chapter{I Observe}
\input knuth





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