[NTG-context] Putting citations in an e-book

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 8 16:36:21 CET 2011

Am 08.03.2011 um 15:36 schrieb Cecil Westerhof:

> I am making my first e-book. And am now seriously using ConTeXt. But I have a lot to learn.
> In my ebook I want to use citations. In two different way. For starters I want to let every chapter start with a citation. At the moment I think that this does not need to be fancy. Just a little bigger font and a different color and white-space after it. But if there is a better way, I do not mind to hear it.



\epigraph{Nikos Kazantzakis}{I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.}

\input knuth


with \epigraph defined as

   #2\par{\it – #1}%



   #2\par{\it – \placeannotationtitle}%


With the annotation module you can also write

\startepigraph{Nikos Kazantzakis}
I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.


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