[NTG-context] MnSymbol in ConText

Florian Wobbe Florian.Wobbe at awi.de
Mon Mar 7 19:41:29 CET 2011

>> sure, if you cook up the definition for the virtualization (if the encoding is default tex it's no big deal, otherwise some extra tables are needed) ...
> the symbols aren’t the problem, what’s difficult is greek because the greek letters are taken from minion pro (the text font) and not from a special math font and this is where it gets tricky

Why not just merge Minion with MnSymbol and create a new font if virtualisation is tricky? Of cause you cannot redistribute the new font but you could distribute a fontforge script which does the merge. This way you could create an OpenType Math font with greek already in the right slots. Maybe also merge with Cronos to get sans math into the font.


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