[NTG-context] $n\choose k$-issue with OpenType math fonts

Andreas Harder andreas.harder at rz-online.de
Sun Mar 6 13:22:50 CET 2011

Am 06.03.2011 um 12:54 schrieb Hans Hagen:

> On 6-3-2011 1:25, Andreas Harder wrote:
>> Am 04.03.2011 um 15:28 schrieb Hans Hagen:
>>> On 4-3-2011 2:09, Andreas Harder wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I'm (re)tying to draw some attention to the $n\choose k$-issue with OpenType math fonts.
>>>> I've made some test files:
>>>> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/151837/OpenType-Math.7z
>>>> The best output is generated by LuaLaTeX (at least for Asana and Cambria). Would it be possible to correct the ConTeXt output as well?
>>> It depends what correction boils down to. Normally it's the opentype font parameters that control the threshold to the next step in a larger delimiter
>> This subject is also discussed on the LuaLaTeX mailing list.
>> http://tug.org/pipermail/lualatex-dev/2011-March/thread.html#1118
> hm, i actually decided to limit the number of mailing lists to follow so best provide a summary of conclusions instead of a link -)


> anyhow, I wonder if we really need to keep supporting this
>  x \operator y
> kind of syntax (at least that's what crossed my mind when i saw that this atopwithdelims primitive was used in your example) .. maybe we should simply define a few extra commands and relax these primitives

I'm fine with \binom{x}{y} etc.

> aditya: shouldn't we merge the m-newmath code into the core?


> I can add some configurability to lfg files so that one can tune fonts but even then the value are debatable

I don't know the best value either, but et least one could manipulate it.

Thank you for your efforts!


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