[NTG-context] Left and centered text on the same line

C. metan0r at gmx.de
Sat Mar 5 23:01:29 CET 2011

Good evening,


How can I place left aligned and centered text on one line?

So that the centered text is in the same place as with \startaligned[middle]


I experimented with the following code:



I'm centered % this serves as a reference, its right in the middle of the


% now to the tricky part

\starttabulate[|lw(\dimexpr 0.5\textwidth\relax)|c|]

\NC I'm left \NC I'm centered \NC \NR

\NC I'm also left \NC I'm also centered \NC \NR



I tried various versions with the dimensions, subtracting \leftmarginwidth
and what not. to no avail.

The tabulate solution is always a tad off. What am I missing here?



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