[NTG-context] special character in filename

Thomas Schmitz tschmit1 at uni-bonn.de
Sat Mar 5 21:46:42 CET 2011

On Sat, 5 Mar 2011 20:38:13 +0000
  "Reviczky, Adam" <adam.reviczky at kcl.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear Thomas
> I understand, that it's not a good idea, and I've seen 
>similar issues on the list 
> I ran into this by making a deb package of a software 
>(that includes context files) with a version that have a 
>"~" in it, and therefore it makes a folder name having 
>this character and context fails.
> So i guess the answer is then, no.
Hi Adam,

I didn't want to sound rude - in the end, only Hans can 
decide if this can/should be changed. It's just when you 
think about the complexity of a system like context which 
runs on many different platforms, which involves a number 
of programming languages, which passes names to and fro in 
temporary files and commands - I just would advise to 
stick to characters which you can be sure will be parsed 
correctly by all parts involved. If you want to know a bit 
more about it, have a look at all the efforts Hans makes 
to sanitize font names so they will be found in the mkiv 
font database; taking out all the spaces and periods and 
whatnot. And yet, next week, some smart font designer will 
certainly come up with an even more bizarre name which 
breaks everything. That's all I wanted to say with my 


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