[NTG-context] One-off theorem titles

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Thu Mar 3 19:07:28 CET 2011

On Thu, 3 Mar 2011, S Barmeier wrote:

> Currently I am using something like
> \defineenumeration[lemma]
>   [location=serried,
>    headstyle=bold,
>    text=Lemma,
>    width=broad,
>    style=italic]
> to define theorems, lemmas, etc.
> Sometimes a theorem or lemma will have its own name (e.g. Yoneda Lemma),
> and I find it slightly cumbersome to write something like
> 3.1 Theorem (Yoneda Lemma)
> 3.1 Lemma (Yoneda)
> 3.1 Lemma (Yoneda Lemma)
> and was really hoping that
> \startlemma[text={Yoneda Lemma}]
> would give me the desired
> 3.1 Yoneda Lemma
> but it doesn't. I would like to keep the whole setup the same and only
> change the text for this instance. Is there any way to implement this
> except for defining a whole new enumeration for one
> theorem/lemma/proposition by
> \startenumeration[text={Yoneda Lemma},location= ... ]

@Hans: Does it make sense to redo all the theorem etc using the new 
structure code? There is a little difference between

\startsection .... \stopsection

\starttheorem .... \stoptheorem

except that in enumerations the title is optional and there are a few 
predefined header styles (location=whatever), and enumerations have a 

That will easily allow:

\startthoerem[text={Yoneda Lemma}]

etc and one will also get the option of setting the list text, bookmarks, 
and page marks.


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