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Ian Lawrence physics.rooted at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 18:54:00 CET 2011

Hi all,

I think for the sake of my sanity I am going to stop building prototypes
now. I am very grateful to those who have been very helpful along the way,
answering what must have seemed like foolish questions. I'd have to say that
getting to grips with Context has taken longer than I bargained for, and has
not been as smooth as I hoped. But without you, collectively, extreme
frustration would have kicked in long ago.

I am based in the UK and have a moderate budget to develop some frameworks
in which to publish a series of documents that'll be up for being
maintained. This will be the third iteration for some of the collection,
which have appeared on CD-ROM in a Macromedia shell, then as  rich pdfs with
an InDesign - Acrobat Pro workflow.

Now, maybe, they'll find a final home in Context, at least for the pdf

There are two pieces of work, I think, requiring different skill sets, I

1) To build some context templates, using modes and layers to give me the
ability to produce pdfs of varying 'heft' by switching in and out layers.
What people might read on a smartphone / iPad ought to be different to what
they might get on a fast desktop / laptop running Acrobat, so permitting
embedded swfs. The text is already highly structured and the trick will be
to implement a document that automates much of what must be done by hand in
InDesign, and to fully exploit the facilities in Context.

2) (This might be some heavy lifting, so may be best thought of separately).
To build the wherewithal to allow rich swfs to be placed in the resulting
pdfs by Context, at their natural size and at a specified location, and
loading in poster frames and directories of assets where these exist (for
which you currently have to use Acrobat Pro).

It is possible that I could, eventually manage the first, but I'd expect
someone with a history of working on Context to do a much more elegant,
clean and maintainable job. The second task is will need some cunning coding
in Lua, or equivalent, I expect.

Anyone interested, please contact me off list, where we can discuss further

I am at:

Ian.Lawrence at Physics.org

Two notes:
Since the work is on behalf of the right kind of organisation, I'd
anticipate putting the results of (2) back into the community - that's what
we're doing with our other 'engine' (Flash) development.
It'll be easiest for my finance department if you are a consultant or
business that can raise invoices.

kind regards

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