[NTG-context] compare locations of two pagereferences

Daniel Schopper daniel.schopper at aon.at
Wed Mar 2 18:05:24 CET 2011

Dear all,
how can one compare the locations of two pagereferences for conditional 
processing? I tried it with this (mkiv, 2011.01.10):


\pagereference[page:a]bla \pagereference[page:b]bla
\at[page:a] % 1
\at[page:b] % also 1
\doifsamestringelse{\at[page:a]}{\at[page:b]}{same page}{different page} 
% yet, the else-branch gets executed


Of course this is clumsy, but although I tried to peek into strc-ref I 
couldn't quite sort out how to directly access the results of \at.

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