[NTG-context] Hyphenation patterns and adjusted kerning: ConTeXt vs. LuaTeX

Heilmann, Till A. till.heilmann at unibas.ch
Fri Feb 25 16:37:26 CET 2011

Am Fri, 25 Feb 2011 14:41:10 +0100 schrieb Ulrike Fischer:

>> In base mode kerning and and hyphenation 
>> happen in the traditional tex way, so there is not much extra trickery 
>> taking place.
> Well, as you mention "base mode": This reminded me that I had to
> force base mode to get my reencoding to work in latex. So I tried in
> context + latex/luaotfload (with german hyphenation patterns):
> [...]
> And bingo: with mode=base it works in both formats, with mode=node
> the kern disappears. Without mode declaration the kern disappears in
> latex.

Ah, yes, the transcript of my first example clearly shows fontspec operating in node mode.

Please excuse my naive asking: Is there any way to continue using fontspec's setmainfont command (it is convenient for someone unexperienced like me) and at the same force luaotfload into using base mode?

- Till

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