[NTG-context] How to disable hyphenation?

Cecil Westerhof cldwesterhof at gmail.com
Thu Feb 24 14:45:42 CET 2011

Thanks for the very speedy reply.

2011/2/24 Andreas Harder <aharder at uni-koblenz.de>

> > I have a Dutch document where I use the word genereren. Because it is on
> the end of the line ge- is put on the end and nereren is put on the
> beginning of the next line. I find this quit ugly. Can I disable
> hyphenation, or let it behave more 'beautiful'? I searched on ContextGarden,
> but did not find anything.
> \hyphenation{genereren} or \hyphenation{gene-re-ren} or
> \setuplanguage
>  [du] % ?
>  [lefthyphenmin=3,righthyphenmin=2]

It is of-course not only about genereren. So I choose your second option. I
have included:

But I found something peculiar happening. I think it is a bug, but maybe I
am wrong. Where genereren first was hypenated, it now gets put completly put
at the end of the sentence. If that is possible now, why was it not possible
In another paragraph I am using gedocumenteerd. First it was gedo-
cumenteerd, now it is gedocu- menteerd.
What is happening here?

Cecil Westerhof
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