[NTG-context] Question regarding registertempfile

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Feb 23 22:14:43 CET 2011

Hi Hans,

Currently, luat-run.lua defines registertempfile as:

function luatex.registertempfile(name)
     name = name .. ".mkiv-tmp" -- maybe just .tmp
     if trace_temp_files and not tempfiles[name] then
         report_tempfiles("registering temporary file: %s",name)
     tempfiles[name] = true
     return name

Can you remove the first line of this function? (That is, do not modify 
the name at all). This will allow me to use this functionality to remove 
temporary files created by t-filter and t-vim. These files, do not end in 
.mkiv-tmp or .tmp.


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