[NTG-context] reencode fonts with fonts.trigger

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Feb 23 18:05:53 CET 2011

Am Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:29:48 +0100 schrieb Hans Hagen:

> I'll add the following to the luatex-fonts code. It demonstrates how to 
> use postprocessing hooks. (It should work with the current code, unless 
> you define multiple mapping of the same font, for which i've added a 
> patch).

The code didn't work with the context in miktex and a context from a
minimals about 3 month old (I got no errors but no reencoding
either). It worked fine with a current context. 

In latex/luaotfload I got at first an error ("enc" is nil). After I
added "if not fonts.enc then fonts.enc = { } end" it compiled but
didn't reencode. So I guess I will have to wait until luaotfload
gets updated before I can use this solution (which looks fine). 

But I wished they were some documentation about the general
structure of the font loading and processing and all this fields
(fonts.manipulators, fonts.triggers, tfmdata.postprocessors, ...).
Is there someone (beside yourself) who still understand the overall

Ulrike Fischer 

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