[NTG-context] Latest betas break tikz matrix

Mathieu Boespflug 0xbadcode at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 17:38:58 CET 2011

Hi Aditya,

> Could be due to the change in catcode of &. Try adding \donknuthmode.

It doesn't make any difference if I put the \donknuthmode just before
\starttikzpicture. But If I put it before the \usemodule[tikz], then I
get another error:

Package pgfbasematrix: Error! Single ampersand used with wrong catcode.
! Missing number, treated as zero.

system          > tex > error on line 12 in file testcontext.tex:
Missing number, treated as zero ...

 2     \usemodule[tikz]
 3     \usetikzlibrary{matrix}
 5     \starttext
 6     \tikzstyle{description}=[fill=white,inner sep=2pt]
 7     \starttikzpicture
 8         \matrix(m)[matrix of math nodes,
 9           row sep=3em, column sep=3em,
10           text height=1.5ex, text depth=0.25ex]
11                {x&y\\
12 >>               z&u};
13         \path[->]
14           (m-1-1) edge node[description] {$*$} (m-1-2)
15                   edge node[description] {$*$} (m-2-1)
16           (m-1-2) edge[dashed] node[description] {$*$} (m-2-2)
17           (m-2-1) edge[dashed] node[description] {$*$} (m-2-2);
18     \stoptikzpicture
19     \nonknuthmode
20     \stoptext

<to be read again>
                  \pgf at matrix@column at sep@2
\pgf at matrix@endcell ...ixcurrentcolumn \endcsname
                                                 \relax \advance \pgf at picmi...
<template> \pgf at matrix@endcell
\pgf at matrix@no at eom@found ->\cr
                              \noalign {\vskip \pgf at y \ifpgf at matrix@fixed \...
<to be read again>
l.12              z

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