[NTG-context] attachment attaches twice - more research

Michail Vidiassov master at iaas.msu.ru
Wed Feb 23 12:35:52 CET 2011

Dear Hans,

On Wed, 23 Feb 2011, Hans Hagen wrote:

> Attachments have some history in pdf and each version was slightly different.

as far as I understand ConTeXt now can not link file attachment to 
arbitrary picture, just to some predefined icons. Am I right?
Is it going  to change? Soon? There are comments in the code about
lack of measurement support for XForm - is that the issue and what
that issue is?
I have already met that complaints in 3D Annotations support code.
BTW, I am interested in FileAttachment  Annotations as a way to
work with 3D models. With LaTeX the main PDF file may contain a 2D picture,
that can be displayed in any PDF viewer, but if you click on it in Adobe 
viewer attached PDF file opens with 3D model in it. That attached file may 
be produced by some third-party tool, since often such tools output not 
just 3D model fit for including in PDF, but a one-page PDF with the 3D 
model, complex JavaScript to control it (for example to animate it) and 
some intarctive text related to the model.

  Sincerely, Michail

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