[NTG-context] Guttenberg's dissertation typeset in ConTeXt

Johannes Kuester jk at typoma.com
Mon Feb 21 18:52:00 CET 2011

The Google Docs version --
-- does not look like ConTeXt. But I think this is not the typeset and
published version.

I suppose by the "Satz:" entry on p. 5, the Wikipedia author guessed
that it was typeset in ConTeXt.

And yes, it will definitely bring some attention to ConTeXt.
When you look at "Links auf diese Seite" (i.e. "What links here"),
the article on the dissertation is the first untypical / unexpected link:


On 02/21/2011 06:43 PM, Arthur Reutenauer wrote:
>> Did anyone on this list know (or did anyone notice yet) that the print
>> version of the much-discussed dissertation by Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
>> was (allegedly) typeset in ConTeXt?
>   From my German colleague: "We should test if he masters ConTeXt.  If
> he doesn't..."
> 	Arthur
> P-S: Whether that particular piece of information is true or not, it
> will bring some attention to ConTeXt!  The ConTeXt community should try
> and take advantage of that :-)  I wonder how the author of the Wikipedia
> article knows that, though.  Presumably, someone got hold of a PDF
> version of the dissertation?
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