[NTG-context] Simplefonts

Charles Doherty charles.doherty at upcmail.ie
Mon Feb 21 17:38:25 CET 2011

Dear Wolfgang,

The file from which the extract is taken worked fine a few months ago. I have since updated minimals and also simplefonts but I now have a problem. This update was today. The main font is typeset as Gentium Basic as requested but the Gaelic font is set as a roman italic. The switch to Mionchló does not happen. If I reverse the two fonts and make the Mionchló the main font it typesets correctly as the Gaelic font but the switch in this case to Gentium Basic gives the same roman italic. I have not changed the file since it worked correctly.



  \usemodule[simplefonts] % load the module
  \setmainfont[Gentium Basic]


Transcription of gloss on fol. 18 begins here:


{\switchtobodyfont[14pt]{\simplefont[Mionchló]{Luan cengcegeise i(n)diu duī ingliid dalacha iſ tɼua ī ſcel tuathal do bith dithɼe {\high{\simplefont[Mionchló]{īdiu}}} ⁊ iſ tɼuagiu a hec 
a{\high{\simplefont[Mionchló]{ɼ}}}ɼaíɼ ⁊ a adnucul īnoſa}}}


Luan cengcegeise i(n)diu dui(n) i ngliid dalacha is trua i(n) scel Tuathal do bith dithre \high{i(n)diu} \low{7}\  is truagiu a hec a\high{r}raír \low{7}\ a adnucul i(n)nosa


It is Whit Monday here in Glendalough today. Sad is the news today that Tuathal is dying. It is even sadder that he died last night and just now is being buried.

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