[NTG-context] increase space on the left of pages included using \copypages

Curiouslearn curiouslearn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 16:58:52 CET 2011


I am trying to use the \copypages command to include a pdf file,
say file3pages.pdf with three pages in my context
document. First, I issued the command:


The pages from file3pages.pdf are too close to the left
margin. There is not enough white space on the left whereas,
there is a lot of space on the right of the included pages. So, I tried

    \hskip 0.5in \copypages[file3pages.pdf]

This creates appropriate space on the left of the included pages,
but only for the first page of file3pages.pdf. The second and
third pages of file3pages.pdf are the same as before (too close
to the left margin).

How can I apply \hskip 0.5in to each of the pages included from the
Can someone please suggest if there is a better way to
increase the space on the left. Please note that the included
pages do not respect the margins I have set for the document.

Thanks a lot.

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