[NTG-context] textcommand=\uppercase in setuphead is propagated to lower level settings

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Feb 21 09:46:29 CET 2011

On 21-2-2011 12:04, Dinh Tran wrote:
> Hello.
> I apply textcommand=\uppercase to a section heading but it is propagated to
> subheadings.  Is there a good reason for this.

all subsection inherit from their parent

> Some other notes in this test design:
> 1) textcommand=\uppercase does not work with luatex engine

sure, it's a low level tex command and never to be used in unpredictable 
situations (think of an \framed[frame=on]{...} being uppercased when you 
actually want ... to be)

also, it's unreliable for daily use which is why we have \WORD etc

> 2) textcommand=\WORD works in the luatex engine, but the propagation of
> uppercase to subheadings is also encountered.

indeed, inheritance

> 3) numbercolor=red only works with luatex.

mkii (for pdftex/xetex) will not be patched so mkiv is the (future) 
reference in this

> I submit the pdf's also.


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