[NTG-context] Switchting between betas

Michael Goerz goerz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 20 21:37:28 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

I've been using ConTeXt (MKIV) through TeXLive 2010 until now, but
wanted to try to use the Minimals installation. The installation went
fine, but the latest beta version was not able to compile my document
(I'll be posting about that separately).

What I'm confused about is this: Does only the beta-version have
MkIV/LuaTeX support? It seems that I cannot make the MKIV format if I
install one of the "dated" versions:

    goerz at ophelia:~/context> ./first-setup.sh --context=2010.07.30
    [ ... ]
    goerz at ophelia:~/context> mtxrun --selfupdate

    MTXrun | forcing cache reload
    MTXrun | resolvers: loading configuration file
    MTXrun | resolvers
    MTXrun | resolvers
    MTXrun | resolvers
    MTXrun | the resolver databases are not present or outdated
    MTXrun | resolvers: to be replaced old script
    MTXrun | resolvers: using suffix based filetype 'lua'
    MTXrun | resolvers: unable to locate new script

Is there a way of getting a version of minimals that has MKIV and is
equivalent to the TeXLive 2010 installation, so that I can compile my

More generally, is there a way to switch to the beta version of a
specific date? Considering that new betas might break the compilation
of existing documents, there would have to be a way for me to tell
people "compile this document with version xxxx" -- even if it's just a
specific revision number. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any reproducible
way of compiling documents.

Michael Goerz

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