[NTG-context] Unexpected indentation

Richard Lennox rlx_01 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 12:18:48 CET 2011


getting unexpected o/p with the following (both locally and on http://live.contextgarden.net/:

It took me a while to come across the second incantation to get my desired o/p but I would be obliged if anyone would care to comment on why the first does not work as (I) expected.

I would expect both addresses to be indented the same amount but only the first line of the first address appears indented as expected:


% define skip before paragraphs (default is no skip)

\hskip 2cm 9/99 Addr Line 1 Street\hfil\break
\hskip 2cm Addr Line 2\hfil\break
\hskip 2cm City\hfil\break

      2/99 addr line 1\hfil\break
      addr line 2\hfil\break
      addr line 3



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