[NTG-context] defined symbols - question/feature suggestion

Florian Wobbe Florian.Wobbe at awi.de
Fri Feb 18 10:39:08 CET 2011

Hi Hans,

in symb-mis.mkiv you define most symbols with \mathematics. I don't know why you take these symbols from the math font. Just in case the symbol does not exist in the regular font, I would guess.

Problem is only, that you will loose most symbols when switching the math font to something else than computer-modern (I tested with euler and cambria). BTW: I wonder how many contexters use modern for math...

Anyway it appears most fonts have geometric shapes and common symbols and dingbats. So I end up redefining the symbols:

\definesymbol [bullet]    [\textbullet]
\definesymbol [dash]      [--]
\definesymbol [star]      [\char"2734]
\definesymbol [triangle]  [\char"25B6]
\definesymbol [square]    [\char"25A0]
\definesymbol [diamond]   [\char"25C6]
\definesymbol [checkmark] [\char"2713]

Also it looks nicer when you use item symbols matching the text font.

Maybe you would consider this and prefer symbols from the text font rather than those from the math font and keep \mathematics only as fall back should the glyph be unavailable.


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