[NTG-context] \setupalign[hz,hanging] breaks verbatim text

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 16 19:40:40 CET 2011

On 16-2-2011 6:48, C. wrote:
> I have a strange problem in one of my documents.
> When I uncomment the line with \setupalign[hz,hanging] everything works
> fine. When I use it, I get this error because of a verbatim typing segment:
> \obeyedline ->\par
> \doverbatimendofline ->\dostoptagged \obeyedline
>                                                   \par \ifconditional
> \verbat...
> l.10 \dodisplayverbatimstop
> \ctxcommand ...\directlua \zerocount {commands.#1}
> \dodotypeblockverbatim ..., nature = "display", }}
>                                                    \dostoptagged
> \endofverbat...
> l.71 \stoptyping
> !  ==>  Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
> mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 1
> Here is the troublemaker:
> \starttyping
> test;
> äüöAR \test \Context
> \stoptyping
> Interestingly I was not able to produce a real minimal example, because when
> I remove everything except these lines, it’s working fine again. So there
> has to be at least some lines of text to break stuff. Oh yeah, and it seems
> that using simplefonts and Minion also plays a role.
> Can somebody have a look at this, please? The attached file like it is does
> not compile here.

Can you figure out what font is involved? This works ok here.





Das Akronym ARMA (AutoRegressive-Moving Average) und die daran angelehnten
Kunstwörter ARMAX und ARIMA bezeichnen lineare Modelle für stationäre,
zeitdiskrete stochastische Prozesse. Sie werden zur Zeitreihenanalyse in der
Messtechnik, in der Statistik und dort insbesondere in der Ökonometrie 
eingesetzt. Kern
ist ein lineares Gleichungssystem. Man kann solche Modelle auch als
Differenzengleichungen bzw. Differenzengleichungssysteme ansehen.

äüöAR \test \Context


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