[NTG-context] using ConTeXt/LuaTeX instead of a spreadsheet program

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 16 18:50:34 CET 2011

Am 16.02.2011 um 18:47 schrieb Paul Menzel:

> Dear ConTeXt folks,
> could you please share your experiences with or point me to a resource
> dealing with the following issue.
> I need to evaluate some physics experiments where I have some values
> which got measured. I thought I could use ConTeXt with LuaTeX to do all
> the calculations instead of the calculator and enter the results by hand
> or a spreadsheet program.
> Would I enter the values (not many) at the top of the TeX document and
> refer to them in the other places? Is an extra file a better approach?

Do you have a example what do you want to achieve?


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