[NTG-context] Chapter Command causes ToC to not display correctly

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Mon Feb 14 15:40:25 CET 2011

The code below seems to work fine when the first MyChapterCommand is
commented out and the second one is active. However, when the first one is
active and the second one is commented out, the ToC does not display
properly. What could be causing this to happen?

I know that the first MyChapterCommand is not appropriate and use an
appropriate on in the front matter environment for the actual book.

\definetypeface [mainface] [rm] [serif] [palatino]    [default]
\definetypeface [mainface] [ss] [sans]  [iwona-heavy] [default]
\definetypeface [mainface] [tt] [mono]  [modern]      [default]
\definetypeface [mainface] [mm] [math]  [palatino]    [default]

\definetypeface [pagenumber] [ss] [sans] [iwona-light] [default]

\definetypeface [dedication] [rm] [serif] [chancery] [default]


%Chapter number only - not appropriate for frontmatter
\def\MyChapterCommand#1#2% #1 is number, #2 is text
     {\vbox{\centerline{ #1}}}} 

%lines above and below chapter number and title
\def\MyChapterCommand#1#2% #1 is number, #2 is text
     {\vbox{\headtext{chapter} #1\blank#2}}} 

% headings

\definehead [intro]     [chapter]



\definecombinedlist [content][intro,chapter,section]

% pagenumbers

 [chapter][pagenumber][pagenumber][My Book Title]

%turn on indentation 

To someone who inspired or supported me. Let's see how this works for
dedications that span multiple lines.
\intro{Introduction - Ag}
\input knuth
\chapter{First chapter - Ag}
\input knuth
\input knuth
\input knuth
\input knuth
\input knuth
\chapter{Second Chapter - Ag}
\input knuth

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