[NTG-context] Bug

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Mon Feb 14 12:25:44 CET 2011

>> here's a bug with quotations in 2011.02.11 18:18 MKIV:
>> ---
>> \starttext
>> \startquotation
>> \input tufte
>> \stopquotation
>> \stoptext
>> ---
>> The closing delimiter should be placed on the same line.
> This isn’t a bug, the included file ends the paragraph before
> \stopquotation adds the right quote and it ends up on a new line.

I was wondering because not too long ago (e.g. 2010.11.12 18:22 MKIV) this didn't happen… are included files now automatically terminated by an implicit "\par"? Personally I would find that confusing.


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