[NTG-context] Using fonts from multiple families

Tom Tom at tuxedo-press.com
Sun Feb 13 04:38:36 CET 2011

TexLive 2010 MKII on a PC

I'm completely flummoxed as how to use fonts from different families.
Follows is an attempt to use Pallatino (rm) for the text of a book,
Iwono-heavy for chapter titles (sansbold), Iwona-light (sans) for page
headers (intended but not implemented), and Chancery (cg) for the
dedication. The only font that appears to come out right are the chapter
titles and I can't change their size without changing the size of the text
font. I apparently haven't found the right manual yet or am too stupid to
understand what must be a relatively simple concept.

\starttypescript [BookFont][texnansi,ec,qx,t5,default]

\definetypeface[BookFont][rm][serif][pallatino][default] %text body
\definetypeface[BookFont][ss][sans][iwona-light][default] %page headers
\definetypeface[BookFont][ss][sansbold][iwona-heavy][default] %chapters
\definetypeface[BookFont][tt][type][postscript][default] %embedded code
\definetypeface[BookFont][cg][calligraphic][chancery][default] %dedic.
\definetypeface[BookFont][mm][math][pallatino][default] %math



\setuphead  [chapter][style=sansbold, alternative=middle]

\definehead [intro][chapter]
\setuphead  [intro][number=no]
\definecombinedlist [content][intro,chapter,section]

{\cg Dedication}

\intro{Introduction - Ag}
\input knuth
\chapter{First chapter - Ag}
\input knuth
\chapter{Second Chapter - Ag}
\input Knuth

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Am 12.02.2011 um 18:12 schrieb Tom:

> Using a very recent download of TexLive 2010 (MKII) on my PC, my success
> generating a useful table of contents has been somewhat limited.
> I can't figure out how to put the title, "Contents," in the font I desire.
> The various parameters I found in the documentation affect the chapter
> titles and the page numbers but nothing I've found allows me to control
> title of the ToC. What am I overlooking? 
> I would also like for the unnumbered "chapter" titles, such as
> or preface, to align with the other chapter titles, not with their
> Aligntitle seems to have no effect on anything from what I have seen.


\setuphead [intro][number=no]

\setupcombinedlist [content][style=sansbold]

\input knuth
\chapter{First chapter}
\input knuth
\chapter{Second Chapter}
\input knuth


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