[NTG-context] span figure

Pau vim.unix at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 12 22:18:21 CET 2011


I am trying to take as much place as possible for a centered figure on a page.

For this, I am doing

   [here]                   % Place
   []                          % Label
   {}                          % Legend
                [factor=broad] % Also: max, fit
                %[width=10cm]  % Does not work with factor

By playing with width I get something very close to what I need, but I
can see that there's always an initial blank skip at the beginning of
the page which is larger than the skip at the bottom.

I have tried with


and similar, but this does not move the figure up.

How can I take as much place as possible in a page for a figure with
identical empty spaces, at the top and the bottom?

If I set it to [top] or [center] or [mid] I do not see any difference.



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