[NTG-context] gridsnapping question

Andreas Harder andreas.harder at rz-online.de
Fri Feb 11 14:52:43 CET 2011


I've another grid question: What is the goal of all the grid options? It seems that neither the head nor the following text is aligned to the grid.

I've adapted the grid-001-example.


    \startchapter[title={Test: #1}]
      test \par test \par test
    \startchapter[title={Test: #1\\test\\test}]
      test \par test \par test

\definegridsnapping[chapter] [mindepth,maxheight,local]

\starttext  \showgrid % \showbaselinecorrection
  \title{Test: no grid option} test \par test \par test
    [strut, {local,strut}, {strut,top:3}, normal, bottom, both, broad, fit,
     first, last, high, low, line, halfline, max, min, none, whatever,
     chapter] \ChapterTest


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