[NTG-context] odd end-of-line error w/ Minion Pro

Christian metan0r at gmx.de
Fri Feb 11 12:49:08 CET 2011

Am Freitag, 11. Februar 2011, um 09:26:59 schrieben Sie:
> Hi,
> I'm seeing a strange behavior with Minion Pro in OTF and the simplefont
> package. I'm not sure if it only happens with simplefont because I don't
> know how to set up a typescript. In any case, in breaking a line between
> roman and italic text, ConTeXt is losing a bit of space at the end of
> line. I thought it might be related to using hz or hanging alignment, or
> the quality option for protrusion and expansion, but it seems to happen
> even with these features disabled. Very unclear what could be causing
> this. Is it a known issue? What is this kind of bad behavior called?
> I've attached an image to which I've added a red line to show where the 'a'
> is leaving extra space before the newline.
> Thanks again,
>> Daniel Lyons

Are you shure it's not the "isn't" that is penetrating the margin? One can't 
really tell from the provided picture if the "a" or the "t" is the actual edge 
of the text. I also included a typescript for adobe fonts (incl. MinionPro) 
that was kindly shared on this list by Florian Wobbe.
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