[NTG-context] Using virtual fonts defined with lua-code

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Wed Feb 9 17:09:07 CET 2011

Am Wed, 09 Feb 2011 14:30:54 +0100 schrieb Hans Hagen:

>>>     \font\mine=file:luatex-fonts-demo-vf-1.lua at 12pt
>> What are the search pathes for such virtual lua fonts? I suggested
>> the file extension ".vflua" because I thought it would be senseful
>> if not the search path for general .lua files is used. I wanted to
>> put this virtual fonts in a dedicated location e.g. fonts/vflua/....
> I'm not going to hard code something like that as it's a macro specific 
> issue. You can try (untested):
> fonts.formats.vflua = "lua"
> Paths and lookups are also a macro package issue and as khaled probably 
> has specific file lookup code for latex, I suppose that the lookup can 
> be handled there. If not, we can make the remapper extensible.
> Anyhow, "tex" with "other text files" sounds good enough for me. Also, I 
> suppose that names should be unique and the files that you make in some 
> latex specific (sub)path in order not to clash. As this is not that 
> generic, maybe something: tex/latex/fonts/vflua is best.

While I certainly in the end want to use the (virtual) fonts also
with LaTeX I don't want to define them in a LaTeX-specific way. A
standard virtual font (tfm + vf) can be used with latex, plain and
context with an identical syntax so why should this be different for
this new type of virtual font only because they are based on

Also if a font is defective (e.g. wrong kerning, missing glyphs,
faulty glyph names, missing open type features ...) a virtual font
which improves this font should be useful for all formats which can
use it, so I don't think that a format specific location is

(I must say I'm wondering a bit why problems with fonts are so
seldom discussed in the context list. In the last weeks I have seen
in the xetex list a discussion how to add missing glyphs to a font,
a discussion about kerning flaws, discussions about bad accent
placement, in another group someone missed the "m with dot" in a
font, in the luatex.user list you can find a message about a problem
with fea-files and kerning, and so one ... Why do context user seems
to have no problems with defective fonts? Do they use a smaller set
of fonts?)

Ulrike Fischer 

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