[NTG-context] Typescript troubles with semibold font.

Christian metan0r at gmx.de
Wed Feb 9 11:35:27 CET 2011

Hi all,

my goal is to use Minion Pro as text face and Myriad Pro as sans serif in 
headings etc. I use TeXlive, ConTeXt 2009.11.26 16:28, MKiV.
I found a typescipt once provided in this list in 2008 and adopted it. Here it 

\starttypescript [serif] [minionpro]
   \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-Regular]    [name:minionproregular]
   \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-Bold]       [name:minionprobold]
   \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-It]     [name:minionproit]
   \definefontsynonym [MinionPro-BoldIt] [name:minionproboldit]

\starttypescript [serif] [minionpro]
   \definefontsynonym [Serif]           [MinionPro-Regular]	[features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBold]       [MinionPro-Bold]	[features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifItalic]     [MinionPro-It]		[features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SerifBoldItalic] [MinionPro-BoldIt]	[features=default]

\starttypescript [sans] [myriadpro]
   \definefontsynonym [MyriadPro-Regular]	[name:myriadproregular]
   \definefontsynonym [MyriadPro-Bold]		[name:myriadprosemibold]
   \definefontsynonym [MyriadPro-It]     	[name:myriadproit]
   \definefontsynonym [MyriadPro-BoldIt]	[name:myriadprosemiboldit]

\starttypescript [sans] [myriadpro]
   \definefontsynonym [Sans]             [MyriadPro-Regular] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SansBold]         [MyriadPro-Bold] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SansItalic]       [MyriadPro-It] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SansBoldItalic]   [MyriadPro-BoldIt] [features=default]
   \definefontsynonym [SansCaps]         [Sans] [features=latin-smallcaps]

The Problem is, as long as the bold font files are present in my .fonts folder, 
they get used instead of the semibold (that I declared with 
name:myriadprosemibold). When I delete them, the semibold ones get used.

My question is: Can anyone provide me some insight on how to use bold and 
semibold in the same document? Lets say chapter headings bold, sectionheadings 

Thanks in advance,

P.S: A guide "how to get from font files to the desired output" would be great. 
Steps would include where to put the fonts (.otf in my case), how to make 
context know the fonts, writing the typescript, using font features.

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