[NTG-context] strange hang during compilation

Jeong Dalyoung haksan at me.com
Tue Feb 8 17:10:10 CET 2011

Dear all,

Today, I got a strange hault during the compilation.

I had a file which consists of 13 chapters. It was compiled well before this afternoon when I change the textwidth and textheight.
from (12cm, 21cm) to (11cm, 19cm).

It works before it reaches somewhere chapter 1 and just stop and do nothing.

I check chapters one by one and found that it has problems in ch 1 - ch4 but no problem from ch 5 - to end.
I copied whole text in chapter 1 to a new document. but no use.

I even checked disk and repair disk, but it is not helpful.

The only thing I change is the pagelayout one line.

I am using Mac OSX 10.6 and ConTeXt version is 2011.01.31.

Here I just give main file to show the structure. 

Thank you.
Best regards,

\startproduct counting


\usetypescript[unFonts] % As set in your typescript file 
\setupbodyfont[Myface, rm, 12pt]



\environment MyDefinitions

\definestructureconversionset[bodypart:pagenumber] [][numbers]



	\setuphead[chapter][command=\Myheader, page=right]


	\component preface
	%\setuplist[alternative=c, style=12pt, textstyle=normal]

	\component SumRule1
%\component ProductRule
%	\component Subsets
%	\component Applications
%	\component Bijection
	\component BallsBoxes1
	\component MoreApplications
	\component BallsBoxes2
	\component OtherDistribution
	\component Binomial
	\component UsefulId
	\component PascalTriangle
	\component MiscProblems

	\component backpart


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