[NTG-context] (again) wrong page with \finishregisterentry

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Tue Feb 8 11:29:37 CET 2011


when \finishregisterentry is set within a paragraph then the "lastrealpage" gets the value from the page where this respective parapgraph starts.
(In the example below it is 4 instead of 5.)
That is quite sad when you have long paragraphs.

How can I set a register range telling me lastrealpage is exactly the page where the ending mark is set?

Attached you may find a minimal example.



\input tufte \par
Test\dorecurse{5}{This is are words, not paragraphs. }\finishregisterentry[index][label={Index_Label},entries={Index entry}] Test


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