[NTG-context] beta

Reviczky, Adam adam.reviczky at kcl.ac.uk
Mon Feb 7 22:53:01 CET 2011

>>On Tuesday 01 February 2011 12:30:40 Hans Hagen wrote:
>>> On 1-2-2011 11:51, Alan BRASLAU wrote:
>>> > ! LuaTeX error
>>> > ...xt/beta/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/base/l-dir.lua:67: cannot open
>>> > /home/braslau/.fonts/: No such file or directory
>>> is this new? weird as nothing was changed there .. anyway, i added a check
>>I believe that this is new (but did not test systematically).
>>In any case, it should indeed be caught.

I have the same error now with the latest beta (2011-02-05) if there's a folder defined in OSFONTDIR that doesn't exist.
Is there a particular reason why the isdir(path) check in globpattern from l-dir.lua was removed?
If I add it back then there's no error.


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