[NTG-context] conversionsets fall back in bookmarks

Steffen Wolfrum context at st.estfiles.de
Sun Feb 6 13:13:33 CET 2011

Am 06.02.2011 um 12:53 schrieb Hans Hagen:

> On 6-2-2011 10:35, Steffen Wolfrum wrote:
>> Hi,
>> own conversionsets can be defined eg. like this:
>> \define[1]\TestConversion  {(\characters{#1}\characters{#1})}
>> \defineconversion [TestCon]           [\TestConversion]
>> As expected this gives "aa" and "bb" etc.
>> Only when using PDF bookmarks these conversions fall back to numbers (see example below).
>> A workaround could be to write these conversions explicitly:
>> \defineconversion [TestCon][{aa},{bb},{cc},{dd},...]
> conversions for bookmarks never go through the macro machinery and typesetter (maybe some day when luatex is further along the route, but not in the short term as i'm not going to write complex intermediate solutions any more that can be dropped later)

... sounds fully understandable :o)


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