[NTG-context] Speech bubbles

Ian Lawrence physics.wanderer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 18:12:47 CET 2011

Evening all:

Has anyone got a nicer \speechbubble definition up their sleeve?

Here is not-nice one, so you know the floor:

\define [1] \speechBubble 
\framed [width=.6\textwidth ,autowidth=force,align={flushleft}, background=color, backgroundcolor=darkblue,
   foreground=color, foregroundcolor=white,
  frame=off,corner=0,backgroundoffset=5pt,]  {#1}
~~~ \tfd \startcolor[darkblue]{'} \stopcolor \tfa

Called with things like:

\speechBubble {They could be above or below the frequency we can hear, so called infra-sound or ultra-sound, or the amplitude could be just too small: so not enough power in the radiating pathway for the detector to respond.}

I guess there are some people with xs metapost skills out there... But is there as simple way to get a nice curved pointer left or right from the bottom of that rounded rectangle frame?

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