[NTG-context] error updating beta WAS: beta

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 2 14:58:25 CET 2011

On 2-2-2011 1:41, Peter Münster wrote:
> Hans Hagen<pragma at wxs.nl>  writes:
>> no, i'm still trying to get mkii and mkiv working at the same time with a
>> fundamental different setup strategy .. getting there
> Or perhaps 2 completely different distributions?
> mkii: frozen, only some fixes from time to time
> mkiv: no more mkii files, no more pdftex, just pure mkiv

this can already be done (just install with the --engine=luatex flag)

the main issue is that mtxrun also replaces the ruby texmfstart script 
and texexec is launched via mtxrun; so mtxrun needs to be able to deal 
with mkii situations where kpse is used for lookups later on; as the 
installer uses the --tree option, and as mkiv has an abstract notion of 
the texroot, some hoops have to be jumped through to get it working for 
both machineries

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