[NTG-context] Image libraries / figure libraries / resource libraries

Willi Egger w.egger at boede.nl
Tue Feb 1 23:30:46 CET 2011


Under MKII we had already the opportunity to create figure libraries. In the meantime Hans has added this functionality to MKIV. There are slight changes in the setup of the xml-databases and the command to create such a library is changed.

I have added the new aspects to the Wiki under the existing page http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Image_Database.

These libraries are great, you get a good overview over images present in a project, you can find images in the library with the index, you can find info over the contained images. Further you can load an image from the library with  the label given into your tex-source. I created just for testing a library containing 250 images, scans and drawings in mixed format as png, jpg and pdf. Works like a charm.

Kind regards


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