[NTG-context] \date format according to ISO 8601

Marco netuse at lavabit.com
Tue Feb 1 17:18:20 CET 2011

On 2011-02-01 Stefan Müller <warrence.stm at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I wouldn't like the idea of displaying \date in ISO 8601 format. I'd 
> rather prefer the human-readable version. The ISO 8601 is a standard for 
> "exchange of date and time-related data" [1], not for text documents 
> made for humans to read.
> How to get what you want is explained here [2], I think. HTH.

No, not really. \currentdate [year, –, mm, –, dd] gives me the date in
ISO 8601 format. To force consistency it makes sense to specify the date
format in a *global* setup like

>> \setupdate [format={year, –, mm, –, dd}]

to avoid ugly constructions like

\def\Today{\currentdate [year, –, mm, –, dd]}


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