[NTG-context] startMPgraphic?

Hans van der Meer H.vanderMeer at uva.nl
Mon Jan 31 15:14:37 CET 2011

Some further digging brings to ligt that my metapost files cannot be found by the luatex run.
The following is hown in the log:

mplib           : initializing instance 'metafun' using format 'metafun'
mplib           : loading 'metafun.mp' (experimental metapost version two)
mplib           > mp terminal: ! I can't open file `hvdm'.
<*> ...core : input mp-core.mp ; fi ; ;\input hvdm
                                                   def init_pens = pickup pe...
Please type another input file name

Now that is strange, because looking into the ls-R in texmf-local I see them present:


So, why is hvdm.mp not found? Other files mentioned in ls-R, for example:
etcetera, are indeed found.

By the way, why are all the .svn (subversion) directories included in ls-R? Cannot .svn/* be excluded? 

Hans van der Meer

On 31 jan 2011, at 14:08, Hans van der Meer wrote:

> I just started the conversion of my presentation sheets to ConTeXt mkIV. As could be expected, some inconsistencies will turn up. However this one escapes me. What I am missing that
>   \startMPgraphic
> results in
>   ! Undefined control sequence.
> I thought that installing the minimals of ConTeXt-beta also installed the metafun module. Or has this one macro been deprecated?
> Hans van der Meer
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