[NTG-context] Widgets color option not working with Mark IV

Reviczky, Adam adam.reviczky at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Jan 30 01:28:46 CET 2011

>>I already fixed it (there were a few more things so I added some tracing
>>options as well). There is no beta upload as something has to be tested
>>by other dev first due to some changes in file handling.
Great, I'll be waiting for the next beta then!

In the meantime, can I also ask you about another issue I have quite a while now, but it wasn't really that important.
If I want to specify a custom text for a PDF-Bookmark it always get set for the bookmark one level up.

Here's a small example:

% start of example

% end of example

I'm expecting to get the following bookmarks:
* bookmark1
* bookmark2
* bookmark3

but instead I'm getting this (with mkiv):
* bookmark2
* bookmark3
* Chapter3

I'd guess that's just a small error somewhere, since using the \bookmark command always replaces the text for the previous bookmark.


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