[NTG-context] \definesynonyms broken?

Verhaag, G.C.H.M. verhaaggchm at ziggo.nl
Wed Jan 26 11:13:27 CET 2011


I use \definesynonyms in several documents but it seems to be broken! 
For testing purposes I use the folowing command:


\kind{to}{test one!}
\kind{t}{sonething else}


\state{ab}{anything b}


My test \infull{to}!


The \infull{to} in the My test.. line is empty, but if I remove the 
\definesynonyms[state]... and \state commands the line says: My test 
test one!! Isn't this very weird?

What has happened?

Gerard Verhaag

P.S. I use ConTeXt  ver: 2011.01.18 19:34 MKIV  fmt: 2011.1.19  int: 

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