[NTG-context] new beta

Marco Pessotto melmothx at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 21:18:36 CET 2011

Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> writes:

> - If you are adventurous you can add the following to cont-new.mkiv
>        \enablemode[*nofonts]
> This will postpone font loading and will be default soon. This saves
> runtime when you use another font than latin modern. When no font is
> loaded before the first \starttext, modern will kick in. A side effect
> is that any text typeset before \starttext will not show up in the
> output. If you observe that, you need to setup a bodyfont explicitly
> beforehand. In practice there should be no problems. The delayed
> loading is somewhat tricky but has been tested for a while.

If felt adventurous and I found the following problem:

%%%% minimal example %%%%

\item one
\item two
%%%% end %%%%

It fails because itemize seems to require some math characters (the
bullets) and the libertine font seems not to have them. lmodern don't
kick in, it just fails:

! Math error: parameter \Umathquad\displaystyle is not set.
\mathematics ...rmalstartimath #1\normalstopimath 
\dodosymbol ...bol \csname \??ss :#1:#2\endcsname 
                                                  \relax }\relax 
\donormalsymbol ...bol \redosymbol \currentsymbol 
                                                  \fi \fi 
\dodosymbol ...bol \csname \??ss :#1:#2\endcsname 
                                                  \relax }\relax 
\donormalsymbol ...bol \redosymbol \currentsymbol 
                                                  \fi \fi 
<to be read again> 
l.7 \item o

Bests and thanks for all your work


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