[NTG-context] Using \pdfnames and friends.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 25 17:26:20 CET 2011

On 25-1-2011 2:35, Paul Isambert wrote:
> Answering myself: I should use:
> \ctxlua{lpdf.addtonames("EmbeddedFiles", lpdf.reference(22))
> \ctxlua{lpdf.addtocatalog("PageMode", lpdf.constant("UseOutlines"))}
> (Apparently I can't do that directly with \pdfbackendsetname/catalog,
> the second argument is taken as a string.)
> I hope that's the correct answer and not a hack.

There are mechanisms for embedding files, like


However, a nametree is not constructed (as with forms these are not 
mandate, but with forms they are better be there due to initialization). 
Anyhow, I added this now:

local function flushembeddedfiles()
     if next(filestreams) then
         local e = pdfarray()
         for name, reference in next, filestreams do
             if reference then
                 e[#e+1] = pdfstring(name)
                 e[#e+1] = reference -- already a reference
                 -- we can issue a message
Names = e })))


As with most of these things, it's best to use the interface and not 
push things in the file directly as it might render existing 
functionality ineffective. Examples are color related resources.

In a similar fashion Pagemode is not to be set directly. There is


for this (with a low level lua setupcanvas variant). As some of the 
parameters influence each other they are dealt with at another moment. 
Also, some of the parameters are ignored or overloaded when a chosen 
pdf/x standard has rules that concern them.


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