[NTG-context] delimitedtext, spacebefore and grid

Oliver Buerschaper oliver.buerschaper at mpq.mpg.de
Sun Jan 23 19:18:32 CET 2011

>>> I want to have both a halfline space before and after blockquotations.
>>> Normally, this works fine; after the quotation the main text snaps
>>> back to the grid (see page 3 of the example file).
>>> \setupdelimitedtext
>>> [blockquote]
>>> [spacebefore=halfline]
>> spacebefore={force,halfline}
> Hello Wolfgang, thank you for your answer.  Sadly, your solution only
> works for blockquotes starting at the top of the page.  When blockquotes
> are broken up between two pages the main text doesn't find its way back
> to the grid (see page 2 of my minimal example).

I think I've discovered another little problem of the same sort if directly after the quotation a blank line is requested:





\input tufte

    \input tufte

\input tufte


Unfortunately the trailing main text doesn't align with the grid either. Any solution to both problems?

Best wishes,

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