[NTG-context] escape in verbatim text eats line breaks

Stefan Müller warrence.stm at gmx.de
Fri Jan 21 14:13:07 CET 2011

Because of the new beta I tried it again with a current Mk IV version 
(2011.01.18 19:34).

The examples I provided (from the wiki, now abbreviated, with numbering) 
have correct line breaks but the second line does not get a number.

\setuptyping[TEX][escape=yes, numbering=line]
/BTEX\em sometex/ETEX
/BTEX\em sometex/ETEX \after
[[\em sometex]]
[[\em sometex]] \after

The example from Peter Münster works worse: now there is one line break 
more instead of one less. In addition the escaped line does not get a 
number as above. It works if the line starts with (non-escaped) text, 
space or tab.

\definetyping[Test][escape={/,/}, numbering=line]
Two line breaks between the first two blas \\
The second bla does not get a number

In the examples above there's a difference when using start/stopTEX with 
setuptyping[TEX] and when using start/stopTest with definetyping[Test]. 
I don't know why.

Thank you so far, Hans. Best regards,

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