[NTG-context] style=\setff{…} deprecated?

Andreas Harder aharder at uni-koblenz.de
Fri Jan 21 11:38:32 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have some setups like:

\setupfootnotes[textstyle=\plf] or
\setupitemize[style=\plf] where \plf is defined as:
\definefontfeature[plf][default] [pnum=yes,lnum=yes]

With the newest beta this setup fails. For footnotes one can use textcommand=\plf\high, but there is no symcommand for item groups. Asides from the old style=\setff{…} behaviour was very convenient, is there a work around?

Here is an example.

\definefontfeature[default] [default] [mode=node,onum=yes]
\definefontfeature[plf]     [default] [pnum=yes,lnum=yes]
\definefontfeature[tlf]     [default] [tnum=yes,lnum=yes]



  [command=\tlf, % sets the whole environment (besides the first item number)
   % style=\setff{tlf}, % used to work (style=\tlf didn't)

    \dorecurse{114}{\item test 0123}


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