[NTG-context] delimitedtext, spacebefore and grid

Oliver Heins olli at sopos.org
Thu Jan 20 21:05:27 CET 2011

Wolfgang Schuster <schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com> writes:

> Am 20.01.2011 um 17:04 schrieb Oliver Heins:
>> Hello,
>> I want to have both a halfline space before and after blockquotations.
>> Normally, this works fine; after the quotation the main text snaps
>> back to the grid (see page 3 of the example file).
>> \setupdelimitedtext
>>  [blockquote]
>>  [spacebefore=halfline]
> spacebefore={force,halfline}

Hello Wolfgang, thank you for your answer.  Sadly, your solution only
works for blockquotes starting at the top of the page.  When blockquotes
are broken up between two pages the main text doesn't find its way back
to the grid (see page 2 of my minimal example).

Another point is: The space inserted at the top of the page is not a
half line big but of one and a half line.

>> […]
>> \setuppapersize[a5][A4]
> \setuppapersize[A5][A4]

Thanks, it was a typo.  I already wondered about how huge an A5-sized
page in ConTeXt is :) However, the setup of my minimal example
illustrates the problems best on A4, so *here* it should read either
\setuppapersize[A4] or nothing (since A4 seems to be the default

Best regards,

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