[NTG-context] \getscaledglyph

Thomas Floeren thomas.floeren at boschung.com
Thu Jan 20 08:51:39 CET 2011


I did a rather huge update step from my working context 2010.09.29 to the actual beta. I noted that \getscaledglyph doesn’t work anymore. 

I use it a lot for symbol insertions like this:

\definefontsynonym [ArialU] [name:ArialUnicodeMS]
\definesymbol [Diameter] [\getscaledglyph{1.5}{ArialU}{\char"2300}]

hello \Diam\ goodbye

( \getglyph seems to work as usual: \definesymbol [Diameter] [\tfb\getglyph{ArialU}{\char"2300}] )

Should I better change my definitions or is it just a bug?

Thank you
& Greetings

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